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Polish Ashram

Radha and Paramanand, i.e. Renata and Franek, have been running the ashram since 2004. It used to be a holiday resort. Today – the place of worship of Herakhan Baba. The Hindu religious movement in the middle of a small town in Lesser Poland was difficult for local residents and the parish priest to accept. Today their relationship can be called correct, although a Hindu temple in the center of a Catholic city is something very unusual.

At the ashram, the day starts early in the morning. At 5 Franek prays in one of the rooms – the temple of Siva. He doesn’t mind my company. There are paintings of Jesus Christ, Siva and Babaji on the walls. Franek sings a few mantras and ends the ritual. At the same time, Radha looks after the center. He conducts yoga classes, cooks and cleans. Anyone who comes here for peace and harmony can help her in these tasks. So there is no shortage of hands to work.

I also roll up my sleeves and start peeling carrots and potatoes. In a few days, the residents of the Berlin commune are to come to the center on the weekend.

When they appear, I take part in a fire ceremony with a few others to cleanse my mind and body. In a small gazebo, Franek prepares a hearth and gifts for the guru, recites mantras and pours the holy stone with water, milk, butter and honey. The gathered people throw fresh flowers, rice, coconut and raisins into the pot.