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Family Portrait

It all started when I became the official photographer of several Pride Week events in Reykjavik, the motto of which was “The war is not over” and that was the first time I had the opportunity to take photos at a drag show.

Pride Week shows that Iceland is a very open country – compared to Poland, where I come from. This does not change the fact that the slogan “the fight is not over” is also valid here, because freedom is difficult to gain, but it can be lost very quickly, and when we are free, we have a better chance of helping those who are still fighting for it. I would like to show the story of the people I photograph, their own path, struggle, way of being themselves and show how diverse the queer community is and how important it is that it exists, providing support, a safe place and family for many people.

Photographing the performances of queer artists, listening to their stories, observing their work and lives also turned out to be a path to finding my own freedom, acceptance, being myself and living in the truth. I would like this reportage to set a similar trail for others.

My dream is to produce a photo book and host an exhibition and to travel with this project, sharing the stories of my queer family in hopes of reaching as many people as possible and making a meaningful impact on someone’s life.