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About Me

fot. Kat Deptuła

I hold a degree in Press, Advertising and Publishing Photography from the University of Warsaw and have dedicated over 15 years to honing my skills in the fields of photography and reportage. Recently, I expanded my professional horizons by transitioning into the role of an educator. Over the years, my photography and videography work have found homes in renowned publications and television outlets, including National Geographic Traveler,, TVN24, RÚV, Morgunblaðið and Canal+. My contributions to the art world have not been limited to these mediums alone; I’ve also taken part in group exhibitions in both Poland and Iceland. Most recently, I had the privilege of participating in the 2022 European Film Awards ceremony in Reykjavik. I was honored to present the prestigious award for Best Documentary during this esteemed event.

I am currently working on few long term projects: documentary movie about Noise from Iceland- the sound map of the land and another one is about queer scene in Reykjavik.

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